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‘Bring guns, bring angels, but G-d help us’: Plea of starving Syrians

  • Distressing pictures and stories emerge as 40,000 Syrians face starvation
  • Victims and activists have taken to social media to beg the world for help
  • 23 people including six babies died of starvation at one health centre alone 

Emaciated Syrians besieged by President Assad’s forces have made desperate pleas for food and water as more than 40,000 people face starvation.

Haunting pictures have emerged of desperately thin children reminiscent of concentration camps and reports of residents being forced to eat their pets to survive in three blockaded towns.

Victims have taken to social media to beg the international community for help after being cut off from vital supplies during the months-long siege.

In one video, a man breaks down in tears and cries out: ‘What did we do? What did we do? My children, they’re dying. Bring guns, bring angels, but God, help us.’


In another, a painfully gaunt child says he hasn’t eaten for a week, it was reported by CNN.

A third shows a baby crying in pain after being forced to live off salt and water.

The videos and pictures have been posted by activists, but cannot be independently verified.

Many posts flooding onto Twitter and Facebook have been using images unrelated to the current crisis, making it difficult to establish those that are genuine.

President Assad has finally agreed to allow humanitarian aid through, but only after the plight of his people made headlines across the world in recent days.



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