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NEW YORK CITY: What they won’t tell you about the rising rape rates of female passengers by muslim taxi drivers


It’s nearly impossible to get actual numbers, but conservative estimates report that at least 50% and upwards of 90% of NYC cab drivers are from South Asian or Middle Eastern countries, the majority of whom are Muslims. So it’s no surprise that the incidents of rapes of female passengers by cab drivers are also on the rise.

NY Post  NYC women should think twice before getting into a late-night taxi by themselves — as sexual assaults by drivers are on the rise, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton warned Tuesday.

“One of the areas of concern that we have is particularly young women coming out of clubs and bars, particularly in Manhattan and certain areas of Brooklyn,” the top cop said during an interview on WNYC Radio’s “Brian Lehrer Show.” “They’re by themselves and intoxicated getting into a cab . . . and we’ve seen an increase in assaults in those instances, so we’re encouraging women to adopt the buddy system.”

(And because alcohol is forbidden by Islam, drunk women are seen by Muslims as whores and prostitutes who deserve to be raped. And don’t ever try to get a cab when the driver is praying which he does wherever he happens to be)


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