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United Nations Says Israel to Blame When ‘Palestinian’ Men Beat their Wives



We’re bringing you another delightful piece of info on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Recently, we wrote about comments from UNHRC head Navi Pillay, who said Israel should share its Iron Dome missile defense system with Hamas.

If that wasn’t outrageous enough, we found a report from April in which this same woman stated that when Palestinian men beat their wives, Israel is to blame:

Women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory face multiple layers of violence and discrimination. The analysis made by the Special Rapporteur on violence against women in 2005 remains valid. She found that the combination of decades of Israeli occupation, the use of force against Palestinians by Israel, the different forms of resistance used by Palestinians against such use of force and the patriarchy prevailing in Palestinian society expose women to a continuum of violence in all spheres of life.

The report Pillay references was a 2005 study on violence against Palestinian women, and was subtitled Mission to Occupied Palestinian Territory, whatever that means.


Women with husbands explained that the dire economic situation and the pressures of the occupation have made men more violent because they have lost their ability to provide and protect — two essential elements of manhood in a traditional patriarchal society. As men become stripped of their manhood, women become


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