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VIDEO: Muslims Raping Women in Germany Meet Their Worst Nightmare When THIS Guy Shows Up

A video uploaded to YouTube by a man named Ivan Jurevic recently revealed the savage nature of attacks apparently carried out by refugees in Germany on New Year’s Eve.

In the video, Jurevic, a bodybuilder, recounted his experience while he worked security at a luxury hotel overlooking the Cathedral Square hotel in Cologne. The violent scene began with a stabbing, which resulted in police arriving.

The chaos escalated from there as people around the hotel began attacking the police.

Jurevic, who operates his own security business, said many women approached him and asked if they could stand next to him for protection because they were being chased, attacked and in some cases, raped, by people in the crowd. In another instance attackers beat a man who was already on the ground and “jumped on his head.”

Jurevic admitted in the video that he “beat them all up.”

Interestingly, the attackers in Jurevic’s account


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