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Israeli report: Sisi is in danger as ISIS continues to grow in North Africa


Israeli news website News One has warned that if Daesh is not dealt with in Sinai and the reaction to the attacks on the Egyptian-Libyan border remains slow, the current Egyptian regime would collapse and Daesh will control all of North Africa, reported yesterday.

“The Egyptian army is one of the largest ten armies in the world and it is the largest in Africa and the Middle East,” the report stated, noting that it is not as strong as the Israeli army, but it still a massive power thanks to its number and military equipment.

According to the report, Daesh is building its powerbase along the Egyptian-Libyan border and will control all the Libyan oil soon. “Then, the Muslim Brotherhood will unite with Daesh and Sisi’s regime will be in real danger,” the report said.

It noted that the Egyptians are fighting Daesh in Sinai, but they are doing this “slowly”, wondering why the massive Egyptian army is unable to


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