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Middle East Refugee In Texas Charged With Planning ISIS-Inspired Attack

That is correct, Obama, a refugee from the Middle East was plotting an ISIS-like attack in Texas. Texas is a state that refused to have refugees settled, and this is what happens when those same refugees wind up there. The Republicans in this country are not harsh toward refugees in peril. But when they come to this country and plan attacks on Americans, THAT is something that we need to prevent. And the only way to prevent it is to keep them out. Completely.

An Iraqi woman, who fled her town after the advance of Islamic militants, holds a child at a camp for displaced Iraqis outside Baghdad, Iraq, Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)


The governor of Texas is asking President Barack Obama to stop the slew of immigrants from countries known for terrorism after an Iraqi-born man who fled as a refugee to Texas was arrested Thursday for allegedly plotting an attack with the Islamic State.

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, is a Palestinian who was born in Iraq. He immigrated to the U.S. as a refugee in November of 2009 and was given permanent legal status in August of 2011. The man was allegedly working with ISIS and planning some kind of terrorist attack.

“I applaud the FBI for today’s arrest of this dangerous subject,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbot said in a statement. “However, this is precisely why I called for a halt to refugees entering the U.S. from countries substantially controlled by terrorists. I once again urge the President to halt the resettlement of these refugees in the United States until there is an effective vetting process that will ensure refugees do not compromise the safety of Americans and Texans.”

 Many details have not been released, but according to the federal indictment, Al Hardan allegedly lied to law enforcement, saying he never received training from ISIS. Authorities say he received ISIS small arms training. Al Hardan also allegedly said in his immigration documents that he was not affiliated with a terrorist organization, which, if proved untrue, could land him with up to 25 years in prison for lying on the documents.

Al Hardan is charged with one count each of attempting to provide material support to ISIS, procurement of citizenship or naturalization


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