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SCARY THOUGHT: Only 10% of the muslim ‘refugees’ have actually MADE IT to Europe so far…90% are on their way

  • CSU Minister Gerd Müller said the Schengen Agreement has ‘collapsed’
  • Believes that Europe should expect 8-10million more migrants to arrive
  • Wants Europe to set up a 10billion euro fund to help migrants settling
  • Germany ‘must reduce migrants or cannot integrate them’ into society 

A German minister claims that only ten per cent of the migrants heading to Europe have arrived as he warned Germany cannot continue to accept people at the rate they have done this year.

CSU Minister Gerd Müller says that the Schengen Agreement – a border-free zone within Europe – has ‘collapsed’ and the only way to deal with the crisis is to support other countries financially.

He warned that Europe can expect 8-10 million more migrants, who can now find out how prosperous the lifestyle enjoyed by its citizens is because of the internet.


Mr Müller told Bild: ‘The biggest refugee movements are ahead: Africa’s population will double in the coming decades. A country like Egypt will increase to 100million people, Nigeria 400million. In our digital age with the Internet and mobile phones, all know about our prosperity and our way of life.’

‘The people fleeing hunger, misery, violence, and because they see no future for themselves and their families. But we live in a globalized world. We can not build fences around Germany and Europe. When people suffer, they will come.’

He added: ‘Only ten per cent of the triggered in Syria and Iraq escape shaft has reached us. 8 to 10 million is still on its way. Those who come to us now, for several years sat in the tent cities, basements or goat stables without water and electricity. It is shameful that the international community is not able to ensure the survival on the spot.’

Mr Müller called on European countries to create a 10billion euro fund to help people that arrive in Europe, fleeing war-torn regions in the Middle East and North Africa.

He also said that Turkey, a crossing point for many migrants, is at capacity and needs the three billion euros it has been promised by Europe, that has not yet been delivered.

But he warned against accepting too many more migrants in Germany, saying that it would be impossible to integrate them all into society unless there is a reduction.

It is reminiscent of the speech given by Home



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