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‘Western women are just wombs’ – Woman who escaped ISIS reveals ‘nightmare’ of jihadi life

A French woman who joined ISIS in Syria before escaping with her young son back to Paris has revealed the “hellish nightmare” of life in the jihadi capital of Raqqa.


Sophie Kasiki, who is using a fake name for fear of repercussions, travelled with her four-year-old boy to Syria in September 2014, leaving behind her atheist husband who was unaware she had even converted to Islam.

She had been recruited by three men she had become friends with in Paris, who moved to Syria and urged her to join them in “paradise.”

She said: “I thought I was in control, but I realise now they were probably trained to recruit people like me.”

Once in Syria, it took her just 10 days to realise she had made a terrible mistake.

When she asked to return home, she was beaten and taken to a madaffa, a prison-like building for single western women.

There, she saw women and children cheering as they watched ISIS beheadings on television.

She said: “The women saw ISIS fighters as their Prince Charming, someone who was strong, powerful and would protect them.

“The only way out of the madaffa was to


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