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EU sponsors illegal ‘Palestinian’ road to help the PA annex parts of Israel

Road being built between Gush Etzion and Dead Sea on land that is all part of Israeli-controlled Area C.

The Regavim movement has spotted an illegal road being built by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the middle of the Judean Desert with money transferred from the European Union.

Regavim has filed a court case against the illegal construction with Israel’s High Court of Justice.

The PA completed several weeks ago preparations for the construction of a road which extends beyond its territory of control and into Gush Etzion, heading towards the Dead Sea.

Regavim had notified Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) of the illegal building more than six months ago. However, Israeli authorities chose not to take action at that time. Since then heavy machinery has prepared the road for paving.

While previous promises from then ministers Avigdor Liberman and Yisrael Katz regarding Israel’s desire to pave a highway connecting Gush Etzion to the Dead Sea have remained as good intentions only, the PA has taken up the work and is building the road instead.

The new road illegally cuts through the Judean Desert, and passes through areas that are under full Israeli control. It has received no permits from the Israeli government.

Preparation has been completed on


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