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Of 452 Suicide Attacks Worldwide Last Year, How Many Were Carried Out by Muslims?


A new study says that 450 of the 452 suicide attacks committed around the world last year were carried out by Muslims.

The study was done by Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.

One of the other two attacks may also have been carried out by a Muslim; police were still investigating at the time of publication.

The Times of Israel called the count “the most dramatic statistic.”

The other attack was carried out by the Kurdish underground.

The research team only included attacks that were verified by at least two sources.

“Even then, every determination we make is always qualified because we can never be exact about the percentages, and certainly not in places like Syria,” said Yoram Schweitzer, the head of the Program on Terrorism and Low Intensity Conflict at the institute.

“Then we come to another issue. Which


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