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One European Prime Minister Just Did Something HUGE About Muslim Refugees


Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, taking a hard stance after the reports of sexual assaults in Cologne and Hamburg, has made it clear he will fight against allowing Muslim refugees into his country. He stated, “We don’t want something like what happened in Germany taking place in Slovakia,” adding that Slovakia must “prevent [its] women from being molested in public places.”

According to the local German newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and the Sunday edition of Die Welt, Cologne police believe some of the men who assaulted women in New Year’s Eve were Muslim refugees from Syria.

Fico said bluntly that Bratislava would ” never make a voluntary decision that would lead to the formation of a unified Muslim community in Slovakia … Multi-culturalism is a fiction. Once you let migrants in, you can face such problems.”

Slovakia, which is two-thirds Catholic, only has 5.4 million people, yet the European Commission wants to force Slovakia to accept 802 migrants. Fico and


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