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VICTORY: These Are The 7 States That Have Banned Islamic Sharia Law


Sharia law has become a hot button issue in America ever since reports broke of the Muslim Brotherhood creating a political party to push for states to adopt Islamic law into the U.S. legal code.

This course of action has led many states, who are concerned about the negative impact Islamic law would have on women and children, to create legislation banning Sharia law from state courts.

Seven states have voted to adopt anti-Sharia law legislation, or at least attempt to, since this issue has come to forefront. North Carolina and Florida are two of the recent additions to the list, with many others soon to follow.

In Oklahoma, legislation to ban Sharia law was struck down by the court for “discriminating among religions without justification,” leaving the state vulnerable to the dangers posed by Islamic law.

North Carolina took measures to help avoid the problem of “religious discrimination” in order to ensure the bill passed.

Via Deseret News:

the law in Oklahoma was struck down in court as unconstitutional, according to the Progressive Pulse, because it discriminated among religions without justification.

North Carolina lawmakers tried to avoid that problem by not mentioning Sharia in the legislation but instead banning enforcement of all foreign laws.

Those in favor of banning Sharia law believe that passing legislation is critical for protecting the Constitution from laws that are not compatible with the current legal system.

Supporters hailed the bill as an important safeguard that protects the American legal system from foreign laws that are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, RNS reported, while critics argued the Constitution already overrides foreign laws.


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