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Where did you park the helicopter? Kim Jong-un pictured with henchmen after allegedly ‘climbing’ North Korea’s highest mountain – wearing a three-piece suit and leather-soled shoes

  • He was pictured in a documentary which aired in the country on Monday
  • Mount Paekdu is an active volcano, 2750m tall, the highest in North Korea
  • Climb occurred on unspecified date, but could be from April 19 last year
  • He’d climbed to mark the anniversary his date was annointed military rank
  • He said the trek was ‘more powerful than any kind of nuclear weapon’

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un claims to have scaled an active volcano and the country’s tallest peak with his entourage in memory of his late father.

The 33-year-old was pictured with his hair flowing in the wind, wearing only an overcoat and what appears to be dress shoes on the freezing, snowy ranges, where it currently has a high of -23C.

A documentary aired in North Korea on Monday showing their leader at a peak of Mount Paekdu, which shares a border with China, alongside his closest aides on an unspecified date.

Pictures of the apparent mountain climb originally surfaced through state-run Rodong newspaper, which showed him smiling on the snowy mountaintop at sunrise.

He had reportedly told Korean People’s Army pilots the trek had given him mental energy ‘more powerful than any kind of nuclear weapon’.

He was said to have made the climb alongside hundreds of fighter pilots and top army and party officials.

The week prior, media had published claimed Mr Kim could drive by the age of three.

His father was born on a secret military camp on the mountain, according to legend.

However, Soviet records state he was born in a Russian village during the Japanese occupation, Telegraph reports.

The sacred mountain is now a symbol of the family’s ancestry, having led the country for sixty years.

At 2,750m high, its peak is the highest of the Changbai and Baekdudaegan ranges, the highest in the Korean Peninsula and in north-eastern China.

Mr Kim, like his predecessors, has reportedly made frequent ‘field guidance trips’ to industrial plants, army bases, and sacred sites across the country in what analysts say is an attempt at forging an image as an energetic man of the people.

The 33-year-old took over the leadership after the death of his father in 2011.


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