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FOOTSTEPS OF WAR: The IDF is preparing for a war with ISIS in the Sinai

The Islamic State terror organization’s forces have been combating Egyptian forces for some time, but Israel is now preparing for the possible day when the fighting crosses its border.

Matan Tzuri

A tense kind of quiet has characterized the Israel-Egypt border for the past year. The desert area has seen the threat of the Islamic State group grow in that time, leading the IDF to realize that it could end up affecting Israel directly – specifically its southern towns. The IDF has taken this danger to heart, and has been preparing.

The IDF Southern Command has changed its war plans three times, updating them to fit the expected threat. For instance, troops are focusing more on fighting in urban areas and protecting southern Israeli agricultural farms, which may be vulnerable to infiltration by ISIS elements.


The number of IDF troops along the border has been greatly reinforced as well: Tanks and artillery batteries have been spread throughout the area, and joint army-air force drills are being conducted.


One of the main visible changes is the vehicles infantry forces are using: The Jeeps and humvees


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