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Israeli leftists allegedly ‘plotted soccer ban on Israel’

Report: newest secret recording shows Breaking the Silence and ex-diplomat Alon Liel mulling how to get Israel boycotted by sports world.

By Gil Ronen


Nationalist activists are about to release yet another secretly recorded video, which will show how members of Breaking the Silence and ex-diplomat Alon Liel discussed the possibility of getting international sports bodies to boycott Israel. Among the possibilities discussed was a boycott on Israel by the international soccer body, FIFA. Liel mentioned the boycotts on apartheid South Africa as a model that could be followed, and mentioned that South Africans could not partake in the Olympics.

Shimon Riklin, a nationalist pundit and businessman, claimed Monday night on Channel 20 that the discussion included the idea of getting Israel banned from the upcoming Olympics.

The recording was made by the members of Ad Kan, the same group that revealed how central leftist activists have been handing over to the Palestinian Authority Arabs who wished to sell land to Jews.

A friend of Liel’s, former Attorney General Michael Ben Yair, reacted to the revelation without denying it. “The ‘planted’ agents are continuing their operations, videotaping and recording,” he wrote on Facebook. “This time – they recorded my good friend Alon Liel, in a closed meeting with Breaking the Silence.

“I am flooded by fear, and memories of dark days from the previous century, at least as regards the nefarious activities of Edgar Hoover, Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon. I am afraid to go further back, lest I turn out to be right in that, too.”

Liel, who was the ambassador to South Africa from 1992 to 1994, was recently involved in getting Brazil to reject Dani Dayan as Israel’s appointed ambassador because of Dayan’s former role in the leadership of Judea and Samaria’s Yesha Council.

In 2012, he publicly backed a boycott of goods made in Judea and Samaria, writing in the South African Business Today: “I buy Israeli products every day and do my best not


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