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Muslim Migrant crisis: School-bus full of British schoolchildren ‘ATTACKED by refugees’

By Pamela Geller

Migrants walk on June 17, 2015 towards the ferry port of Calais, northern France. Around 3,000 migrants built makeshift shelters in the so-called 'New Jungle' before trying to go to England. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN        (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman and children, the most vulnerable, are their first targets. The “refugees” act with impunity with no fear of punishment. We are watching the suicide of the West.

The notorious Calais refugee camp (where these migrants are from) is a nightmare. Migrants there have refused to move into new £20million housing because “it looks like a prison camp.”

It is unconscionable that these savages roam free — they should be sent back to their countries.

Migrant crisis: Coach full of British schoolchildren ‘ATTACKED by Calais refugees’ Express, January 12, 2016:

A COACH full of British schoolchildren was attacked by Calais migrants who smashed a window and may have caused one child to suffer an epileptic fit.

The youngsters were left terrified after a gang of thugs targeted their bus as it travelled through the notorious port town in the early hours of this morning.

One child was said to have suffered an epileptic fit following the horrifying attack which marred the end of a dream school trip for the children, some of whom are as young as 12.

The harrowing incident also underlines the growing violence of migrants in Calais, who are now arming themselves and resorting to increasingly desperate methods in their attempts to reach Britain.

Terrified truckers have repeatedly warned that it is only a matter of time before someone is killed as clashes with migrants become both



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