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North Korea releases footage of ‘ballistic missile launched from a submarine capable of delivering a nuclear payload’… but analysts insist it shows a Scud rocket from 2014

  • Think tank says submarine-launched missile test ‘failed catastrophically’
  • Video analysis shows parts of missile breaking away after ejection
  • South Korea says video was edited with Scud missile footage from 2014
  • Experts also cast doubts that Pyongyang detonated a hydrogen bomb

North Korea has released footage of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that Pyongyang say it would allow the country to deliver a nuclear warhead – but nuclear experts claim the clip was faked.

State television broadcasted footage of the latest test, said to have taken place in December, and boasted about the hermit nation’s ballistic missile technology.

However, the California-based Middlebury Institute’s James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), a think tank, said the test ‘failed catastrophically’.


Its analysis shows two frames of video from state media where flames engulf the missile after the ejection and small parts of its body break away.

‘North Korea used heavy video editing to cover over this fact,’ CNS’ Melissa Hanham said in an email.

‘They used different camera angles and editing to make it appear that the launch was several continuous launches, but played side by side you can see that it is the same event’.

These claims mirror similar remarks made by South Korea’s military who said Pyongyang appeared to have modified the video and edited it with Scud missile footage from 2014.

North Korean propagandists used rudimentary editing techniques to crop and flip old video footage of an earlier SLBM test and Scud missile launch, the video analysis showed.


Nuclear experts have cast doubts on Pyongyang’s claims that it had detonated a hydrogen bomb, saying the resulting seismic activity suggested a far smaller device.

The isolated country crowed on state TV that it had carried out a ‘perfect’ H-bomb test, an explosion that triggered a 5.1-magnitude earthquake.

But scientists and intelligence agencies



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