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Op-Ed: 700,000 Jews are considering leaving Europe


In the industrial area of Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden – which has always been governed by the Social Democrats -there is the famous spiral skyscraper designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. It is inspired by a human torso, meant to symbolize the dozens of ethnic groups living in the city, all bound in a multicultural embrace. Approximately one third of 300,000 inhabitants of Malmö are, in fact, of foreign origin and this percentage is increasing steadily.

But Jews are fleeing Malmö.

In the seventies, the community had more than 2,000 members: today there are less than 500. The others left for Stockholm or for Israel.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a warning to all Jews who visit Malmo,  “hide public religious signs and do not speak Hebrew”. Malmo was laready Marseille five years earlier: two days ago, the Jewish authorities in the French city issued a similar warning, “take off the kippa for your own good”.

The European Union’s Agency for Fundamental Rights reveals that a third of the Jews of the Old Continent have stopped wearing religious symbols because of fear of attacks. From Denmark to Germany it is the same appeal: don’t wear the Jewish yarmulke.

The European Jewish Congress has publicized a shocking


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