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Cologne Imam: “Perfume Is to Blame for Rape”

The Imam of a mosque in Cologne explained that the refugees are raping German women because of their pleasant smell.
In an exclusive interview with REN TV, the preacher said that women are to blame for their rape by Eastern men – the alleged victim provoked visitors with revealing clothing and perfume.
Germany still cannot get away from events on new year’s eve. In Cologne, migrants abuse the local population, especially the girls. Many German women were victims of sexual violence. Now in German society there is a schism: someone decides to use force to resist the refugee-rapists, someone sees any negativity towards the refugees as ‘fascism’.
Throughout Germany self-defense units are being created, which include far-right radicals and ordinary citizens. Within the immigrant community there is a different interpretations of new year’s eve in Cologne. Some came to the rally and asked for forgiveness from the indigenous population. However, there were also those who did not want to turn the right cheek: for example, some mosques have already explained that all the blame belongs to European women.
In an exclusive interview to the journalists


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