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Jihad Against Xtians Has Never Stopped! Europe’s Nightmare Is Coming Here


Does America know what they are dealing with?  Does anyone in Europe?  If they did, why would they allow the migration of an ancient hate to cover their lands?  Are they fooled by those elite clans that desire a new world order?  What have they been promised in return for this evil deed?

I know what the Bible tells us.  They all lose in the end.  Yet, along the way we all will be in great tribulation and great turmoil.  Stand up and get your armor on for it is here now and it is escalating.  The entire world shaking like a shanty and about to sway back and forth like a drunkard.  The evil days are here.  Days like no other.

But then again, they always were, just like the Lord said.  It just depended on where you lived whether you were spared the gruesome beheadings, rapes and carnage.  It appears the elite clans who want a global governance are spreading the ancient


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