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Refugees in England say red doors are making them targets for racism

By Yaron Steinbuch


Asylum-seekers in an English town are being made easy targets for racists because most are being housed in homes with red front doors, according to the refugees.

The immigrants in Middlesbrough, England’s poorest town, described vile incidents, including having their doors smeared with dog feces, eggs and stones thrown at their windows and racial epithets shouted at them, the Times of the UK reported.

“They put us behind red doors. When people see them, everyone knows it means asylum-seekers. It’s like saying we’re not the same as you,” said one man whose house was targeted.

Stuart Monk, the owner of the marked properties, is paid millions of dollars a year to provide housing for the refugees, according to the report. His property company, Jomast, is a subcontractor for the security group G4S.

A G4S spokesman told Reuters that Jomast has no policy to house the immigrants in houses with red doors, “although they do accept that the majority of doors, for both private and asylum accommodation, are painted red.”

“Although we have received no complaints or requests on this issue from asylum-seekers we house, in light of the concerns raised Jomast


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