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Shameful: Arab soccer fans disrespect Israeli national anthem

Sakhnin fans chant ‘with blood and fire, we will redeem you, O Al Aksa,’ give Nazi salute during national anthem, at Beitar Jerusalem game.

By Gil Ronen


In a game against Beitar Jerusalem Monday, fans of the leading Arab soccer team in Israel, Bnei Sakhnin, were recorded chanting “with blood and fire, we will redeem you, O Al Aksa,” as the rest of the stadium sang the national anthem.

A video posted to Facebook that showed the chanting was reportedly taken at the start of Monday’s game. Photos showed that some of the fans performed a Nazi salute.

The game was a tense one from the outset, as in previous matches. Beitar’s overwhelmingly Jewish fan base is known as fiercely nationalistic, whereas Sakhnin’s Arab fans are militant Arab nationalists, and ardently pro-“Palestine.” The match was supposed to be held in Jerusalem but took place in instead at the Moshava Stadium in Petakh Tikva as a punishment to Beitar, after a fan threw a torch onto the field in a previous game.

Videos from the game show Beitar fans chanting “Muhammad is dead” and “death to the Arabs” outside the stadium before the game began, amid a heavy police presence.

Seven Beitar fans were reportedly arrested on suspicion of involvement in clashes with Sakhnin fans outside the stadium during game time, and for


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