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13-year-old Palestinian stabber at center of worldwide protest campaign against Israel

  •  Police release footage of Pisgat Ze’ev attack after Palestinians deny teens were terrorists
  •  Video of Palestinian stabber proves Abbas’ ‘execution’ victim still alive


In the past few weeks, Pro-Palestinian activists have been waging an international campaign for the release of Ahmad Manasrah, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who stabbed two Israelis in a Jerusalem suburb in October.

Manasrah carried out the stabbing attack in Pisgat Ze’ev together with his cousin, severely wounding a 13-year-old Israeli boy. Israeli police shot Manasrah and his cousin in order to neutralize them, killing the latter while wounding Manasrah, who was taken to hospital.

The incident enraged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who accused Israel of executing Manasrah “in cold blood.”

Abbas’ claims led Israel to prove that Manasrah was alive and recovering in an Israeli hospital. Israel released pictures of Manasrah convalescing in his hospital bed, and Israel Police sought to refute claims that Manasrah was innocent by distributing video of him and his cousin carrying out the terror attack.

Despite Israel’s efforts, Abbas’ claims that Manasrah is innocent are widely accepted among pro-Palestinian activists around the world, who stand behind the campaign for Manasrah’s release.

Since children under the age of 14 are considered minors under Israeli law, Manasrah’s arrest has been extended repeatedly since he was released from hospital. However, on Friday, Manasrah will celebrate his 14th birthday, which makes him eligible to stand trial.

The demonstrations that have taken place around the world in the past few weeks demand Israel “stop targeting Palestinian children” and release all Palestinian children that are “caged in Israeli dungeons.”

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Prisoners Campaign


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