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ISIS In Libya Releases New Chilling Video That Could Reveal The Fate Of Islamic State Boss Al-Baghdadi

Yochanan Visser


Islamic State in Libya published a new video last weekend with rare images of the battle in Libya that contained a chilling threat against Italy — and a surprising announcement about ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.

The images in the video showed ISIS terrorists with assault rifles and an armored vehicle, engaged in street battles with opposition groups in what could be the Libyan city of Benghazi. Later in the video, ISIS terrorists could be seen wearing suicide belts. One of them seemed ready to embark on a suicide mission and was hugged by a fellow ISIS fighter.

The video also contained graphic images of decapitated corpses and mutilated bodies. At the end of the video, an ISIS terrorist offered a long monologue in which he predicted a battle between ISIS and non-Muslim armies in the vicinity of Rome after the conquest of Libya. That battle will allow Islamic State to spread across Europe and to raise its flag in places like Rome and Istanbul.

The masked man also called upon Muslims to join Islamic State and said “the Caliph was already here.”

His remark about the Caliph could be an indication ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has indeed moved to Libya to escape further assassination attempts by the coalitions fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

In December, the Daily Mail in Great Britain reported unidentified sources and the Iranian news site Fars News claimed the self-proclaimed Caliph of the Islamic State had fled to Ghaddafi’s hometown Sirte in Libya after he was seriously injured in an American airstrike in the Anbar Province in Iraq. Al-Baghdadi was reportedly taken to Raqqa the capital of Islamic State in Syria, and from there transferred to Turkey for further treatment.

ISIS in Libya formerly operated under the name Ansar al-Sharia, but since Nov. 13, 2014, when it became part of the Caliphate, the name was changed in Wilayat al-Barqah (that contains Benghazi the city where Islamists staged an attack on the American embassy in 2012), Wilayat al-Tarabulus and Wilayat al-Fizan.

The ISIS branch in Libya scored important victories recently and now controls roughly 180 miles of Libya’s coastline.

Earlier this month, ISIS seized another Libyan city in what seems to be an offensive to get control over Libya’s still-functioning oil fields. After conquering the coastal


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