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Public Spaces in Germany are Becoming Lawless Areas

By Pamela Geller


Mass sexual attacks, ongoing violence, unsafe streets, towns villages – all at taxpayer expense. Give it 10 years – Europe will look like the Middle East.

Photo: Antje Hildebrandt

Google Translate: So dangerous is courage in a legal vacuum,” Die Welt, Janaury 20, 2016:

Because he came two young women to help, Peter B. was brutally beaten on a busy Berlin S-Bahn station. No individual case there, tell paramedics and police. Minutes of a search for clues.

This photo and a long text posted by Peter B. on facebook: “Seconds later, I’m on the floor and a kick to my head … now I look like this … how are you continue with civil courage next time you even look and run away like the other 200 … “
Courage has a face. It is Peter B., 49, who does not look away, when two men were attacking  two girls in the Berlin S-Bahn station Ostkreuz beating and kissing them against their will. Today, he wonders if that was a good idea. Because what happened next was like a scene from a “crime scene”.
One of the men tore Peter B. to the ground, the other, so a police officer said, who had evaluated the images of surveillance cameras. He joined the fallen Peter B. against the head. The impact was so strong that his body turned



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