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Smartphones Now Causing Permanent Health Problems in Chronic Users


Skull on fire, writhing in pain, one journalist tells his own story about the onset of searing headaches and the feeling of being “hit over the head with a rod of steel.” That’s how journalist Adam Estes described the mysterious “bolts of pain” that shot from the top of his neck and across his skull.

The pain was debilitating and confusing. He was never physically attacked or hit across the head. He hadn’t been in a car accident. He didn’t have a sports injury. The pain stemmed from something much simpler, something right under his nose. It all had to do with his posture.

“[It was] as if someone had hit me over the head with a red hot rod of steel sending electric bolts of pain across my skull,” wrote Journalist Adam Estes in an article for Gizmodo.

Constant craning causes severe damage to occipital nerves

Afraid that the pain was a sign of a brain tumor, Adam Estes sought out a neurologist. After careful examination, Estes and his neurologist concluded that the nerve damage was coming from Estes incessant craning over to use his smartphone. The neurologist pointed out that the nerves at the top of Estes neck had become compressed and in a perpetual state of inflammation, all because Estes bent his neck over routinely to see his smartphone.

The diagnosis for this condition is occipital neuralgia, and by the time the damage is done it’s hard to reverse it. Some doctors say this condition now causes permanent health problems that cannot be reversed without surgery. In this condition, the occipital nerves become compressed and inflamed. The occipital nerves are the nerves that start from the top of the spinal cord, reaching through the muscles in the back of the neck, and spreading throughout the scalp on either side of the head. When these nerves are pinched, it feels


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