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WOMEN BEATERS: Topless French Babes Crash Islamic Extremist Convention in Paris; Then Things Get Ugly (VIDEO)


Muslim men dont like women who stand up against them, and this video shows that. Watch these savage thugs beat these women on stage! Islam is a cult.

via SpunkitNews: FEMEN fires off again: two of its feminine activists have been beaten and dragged off scene in an attempt to toplessly interrupt a Muslim conference held over the weekend in Paris suburbs.

Two topless activists from FEMEN, the notorious hardline international feminist organization, ages 25 and 31 and both from Islamic families, this Saturday appeared at a controversial Muslim conference.

hey ran on stage in front of two imams reportedly discussing whether it is right to beat a woman or not, screaming “No one can enslave me, no one can possess me, I am my own prophet!” A slogan also written on their naked chests. FEMEN claims its female activists were protesting against “womanophobia” and violence against women they say is widespread among Muslims, as stated in an online release.

“FEMEN is calling for mass opposition against the uprising of those womanophobe integrisms and for a strong answer from our institutions. Womanophobia is illegal. Sexism is a kind of racism. Modern slavery is a crime. Let’s condemn them together, and let’s remind them without ever losing any ounce of strength: No one can enslave me, no one can possess


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