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Can you guess the country that just FORCED over 13,000 muslims to assimilate against their will

Tribune Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon has repeatedly called for the strengthening of secular principles in the mostly Muslim country of 8.5 million. Videos portraying Tajik IS militants calling for jihad against the central government have emerged recently in the central Asian country, which has experienced something of a security vacuum dating back to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
In what is seen as an extension in an anti-Islam campaign, Tajikistan is deliberating on a legislation that, if passed, would see ‘Arabic-sounding’ names for newborns banned in the Muslim-majority country. The drive has already resulted in men being forced to shave their beards and women who wear hijab being labeled as prostitutes. And new regulations are being considered about whom can travel to Mecca on hajj.


As in the other former Soviet republics of Central Asia, the government of Tajikistan is fiercely secular while the people are mostly Muslim. Interfax reported that the CRA said in a press conference that only people over the age of 35 would be among those permitted to perform the annual pilgrimage (hajj) to the Islamic holy sites at Medina and Mecca this year.

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon has now directed his parliament to consider a bill that would restrain registration of names which are deemed to be ‘too Arabic’, said an official of the Ministry of Justice, Civil Registry department.

Official Jaloliddin Rahimov said, “After the adoption of these regulations, the registry offices will not register names that are ‘incorrect’ or ‘alien’ to the local culture, including names denoting objects, flora and fauna, as well as names of Arabic origin”. The move, however, may not remain confined to names of those born after the bill is passed. Some parliamentarian have reportedly demanded that citizens who have names that sound ‘Arabic’ should change them to ‘Tajik-sounding’ ones.


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