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How to treat an Ingrown nail?

Ingrown nail is the problem that many people complain – both men and women. Ingrown nail is not only aesthetic problem, but also healthy, causing pain and discomfort.


What is an ingrown nail?

Ingrown nail usually affects the big toe, but sometimes occurs in other fingers. In most cases only one side of the finger, but in severe cases be observed on both sides. The problem is present when the pointed end of the nail is driven into the skin, with the result that it swells and begins to collect pus. Then the patient is experiencing pain in the finger even at the lightest touch because the place is very sensitive.

What causes ingrown nails?

Occurrence of ingrown nail may be caused by different things. The most common reason is improper trimming of the nails – when, instead of a straight line, curved scissors, so that way the arc is formed. Other reasons are uncomfortable shoes, fungal infections, brittle nails due to lack of vitamins leg injuries, diabetes.

How to treat an ingrown nail?

Depending on the stage on which the ingrown nail is, there are various methods for treating the problem. In the earliest stage (and if you have a high threshold of pain) can go to a professional pedicure and cut the nail in the correct line, so that no more crashes in the skin.

Alternatively, you can try different method for example, every day to soak the feet 20 minutes in a solution of 1 liter of water and 1ts salt. Then


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