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British Leftists lead violence as they aid Muslim migrants to invade Calais

“Gilles Debove, of the Calais police union, said: ‘I cannot understand why British citizens come to Calais to incite migrants to break the law and defy the French authorities.’” Really? I can. They see in them fellow haters of the West and Judeo-Christian civilization, and want their help in tearing down the entire edifice.


“British anarchists led violence in Calais and defaced statue of de Gaulle in invasion of ferry port by 500 migrants,” by Peter Allen and Joseph Curtis, Mailonline, January 24, 2016 (thanks to Peter):

British anarchists were among some 35 people under arrest in Calais on Sunday after leading a ‘scandalous’ invasion of the ferry port by some 500 migrants.

Not only did the thugs tear down security fences and threaten violence, but they also defaced a statue of France’s wartime leader and former president Charles de Gaulle.

Masked agitators from the left-wing group No Borders were filmed during the trouble on Saturday afternoon as they tried to get people to the UK.

Xavier Bertrand, the president of the French region which covers Calais, said: ‘The attitude of No Borders in Calais is scandalous – there must be a punishment,’ said

‘I demand that the government urgently holds a crisis meeting,’ Mr Bertrand added on Twitter.

It later emerged that eight of those arrested in Calais for the storming of the ferry were to face immediate trial.

Six migrants and two activists from No Borders


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