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Fly from New York to London in 11 MINUTES: Radical ‘Antipode’ concept plane that uses rocket boosters revealed

  • Designed by Charles Bombadier, who came up with Skreemr concept
  • Antipode is capable of reaching Mach 24 – 12 times faster than Concorde
  • It can carry 10 people up to 12,430 miles (20,000km) in under an hour
  • Uses combustion ramjet engine to accelerate to Mach 24 at 40,000 feet

The engineer behind the Skreemr jet has unveiled another radical, much faster design for future air travel.

Charles Bombadier latest concept jet is capable of reaching Mach 24 – more than twice the speed of the Skreemr and 12 times faster than Concorde.

Dubbed the ‘Antipode’, it can carry 10 people up to 12,430 miles (20,000km) in under an hour, allowing it to travel from London to New York in just 11 minutes.


‘I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode—or diametrical opposite—as fast as possible,’ Bombardier told Forbes

The Canadian engineer from ImaginActiv captivated the world’s imagination in October when he unveiled his Skreemr concept plane.

He envisaged the craft could be launched using a magnetic railgun system to catapult it into the sky at high speed reaching speeds of Mach 10.

Using such a launch system, the jet would be positioned on a pair of conductive parallel rails and accelerated along them using a powerful electromagnetic field.

Liquid-oxygen or kerosene rockets would be fired to enable the plane to rapidly climb higher in the sky and reach Mach 4

The designer said scramjet engines could then be used to propel it to speeds of over 10 times the speed of sound, which is around 7,673mph (12,349km/h).

‘One foreseeable problem was the sonic boom noise it would generate over land and the massive amount of heat that would build up on its nose and wings,’ he told

He was contacted by engineer Joseph Hazeltine, who proposed using a novel aerodynamic phenomenon called ‘long penetration mode (LPM).

As a result, the Montreal-based innovator to draft an entirely new hypersonic concept—’the Antipode.’



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