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Frankfurt Plans to House Senior Citizens and Muslim Refugees Together

By Pamela Geller


This is euthanasia — German-style.

Photo: Muslims beat and kick Swedes on the street in broad daylight

Watch Muslim migrants abuse seniors on bus:

News from Germany and the world – Frankfurter Rundschau (Google Translate):

In Frankfurt’s Harheim seniors and refugees should live together. But citizens and district leaders have concerns about it. They criticize the municipal information policy.
That in an “integrative housing project” in Harheim refugees should live together with seniors, has caused concern among citizens and district politicians on Thursday night. At a special meeting of hundreds Ortsbeirats 14 residents came and listened to the concept of Social Department and the German Red Cross to.

On a urban plot on the street Im Niedernfeld in the construction area Harheim-South Red Cross plans to build an accommodation for 130 people. There is provided a two-storey wooden modular buildings: There are 18 seniors and can accommodate 112 refugee men and families. Rooms for counseling and a café are also being considered. The city was looking for an investor for the 5000-square-meter area for years. “This is a temporary structure,” said the spokeswoman for the Social Dezernats, Manuela Skotnik.

They founded the project so that this year up to 12,000 asylum seekers should be included. According to Social Department to the refugees at least a year living in the plant, would last as long on average an application for asylum. It should not be ruled out that people stay longer because they are not equal to find an apartment in a rule. That it will be the last device in the north of Frankfurt, Skotnik could not promise. “If the numbers are increasing, we need to find more locations.”

The discussion at the community center proceeded heatedly. Manuela Skotnik stressed that there was so much resistance to refugee centers in any other district. And, although Harheim is one of the few neighborhoods that still harboring any fugitives. Citizens stoked fears: You criticized the social impact – and the municipal information policy. The majority will not support the project, said a local resident. “They sell us a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

The criticism is aimed that the city has provided a preliminary planning to have brought about without a decision of the City Council. “We have



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