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Muslim Man Enters Starbucks And Blows Himself Up, The People Run Outside, Two Muslim Gunmen Open Fire On Them And Murder One Canadian Man. The Muslims Then Open Fire On Police Officers. The Officers Fight Back And Kill All Of The Muslim Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Jakarta, Indonesia, attacked a Starbucks and police officers, killing two people and injuring others. One Muslim man entered a Starbucks and blew himself up. When the people ran outside, Muslim gunmen were waiting for them and opened fire, killing one Canadian man and severely injuring a Dutch man. The Muslim terrorists then attacked a group of police officers and a shootout commenced. After a 15 minute battle, the Muslim terrorists were all killed.



According to one report:

Attackers set off suicide bombs and exchanged gunfire outside a Starbucks cafe in Indonesia’s capital in a brazen assault Thursday that police said “imitated” the recent Paris attacks. Backers of the Islamic State group claimed responsibility.

All five attackers and two bystanders – a Canadian and an Indonesian – died in the midmorning explosions and gunfire that were watched by office workers from high-rise buildings on Thamrin Street in Jakarta, not far from the presidential palace and the U.S. Embassy, police said. Twenty people were injured.

When the area was finally secured a few hours later, bodies were sprawled on sidewalks. But given the firepower the attackers carried – handguns, grenades and homemade bombs – and the soft targets they picked in a bustling, crowded area, the casualties were relatively few compared to the mayhem and carnage caused by the Paris attacks.

“We have identified all attackers … we can say that the attackers were affiliated with the ISIS group,” national police spokesman Maj. Gen. Anton Charilyan told reporters, referring to the Islamic State group.

Islamic State group backers circulated a claim of responsibility for the attacks resembling the extremist group’s previous messages.

The claim was shared on Twitter late Thursday. The U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group said it also circulated among pro-Islamic State groups on the message app Telegram.

The message said attackers carried out the assault in Jakarta and had planted several bombs with timers. It differed from


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