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MUSLIM REFUGEES DUMP GARBAGE In Streets To Protest Insufficient Wi-Fi In Housing


Complaints over lack of wi-fi, no professional cleaning service in their villas and even a refusal to be fingerprinted in Greece upon their exit to other European countries. It’s almost as if they’re not really grateful for the generosity of the taxpayers who are funding their existence…

African and Middle-Eastern migrants in an Italian town are protesting insufficient Wi-Fi at their settlement by dumping their garbage into the streets.

According to The Local, which cites the Italian-language La Repubblica, a group of two dozen Sub-Saharan African migrants in the town of Ceranova are outraged that a lack of free Wi-Fi at the villa they live in is preventing them from using Skype to communicate with family members back in Africa.

The protesters are also angry that the villa doesn’t have a professional cleaner to keep things tidy.

At first, the protest took the form of migrants marching in the streets and blocking traffic, but now things have escalated and the migrants have begun dumping their trash into the streets to make their point. The stunt led to a confrontation between townsfolk and the migrants, which may have become violent if not for the intervention of the local mayor along with three police officers. Afterwards, a 24-year-old migrant who led the demonstration was kicked out of the refugee facility.

The migrants have been living in Ceranova, a small town of about 1,000 people located about 15 miles south of Milan, since July. They are just a small portion of over 120,000 migrants who have arrived in Italy this year, mostly by boat from Africa.

At least one Italian is sympathetic to their demands.

“Obviously it’s very important for refugees to


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