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Islamists Issue Ultimatum to German Women: Rapes WILL CONTINUE if you do not Comply

By Prissy Holly


A Muslim group is coming out issuing an ultimatum to the women of Germany, telling them if they do not comply, that they will continue to be raped by Muslim refugees. Following the Cologne sex-attack spree over New Years, the group MuslimStern, who has 20,000 Facebook followers, told women that it is THEIR fault they are being raped, since they are dressing in a manner that Muslim men are not accustomed to. Hilariously comparing themselves to animals who cannot control their sexual urges they stated:

“You cannot expect to chuck a naked antelope in front of a lion and not expect it to react. It is mind boggling that with so much time spent teaching children about sex at school, they completely forget to pass on this basic biological fact.”

“It is amazing that is taught in biology class so much about the mating and sexual behavior of living things, but these rules are completely ignored in everyday life.”

The Muslim hate-group whose stated mission is to “highlight the way the media was using the incidents to promote racism against minorities,” went on to urge the German government to ban alcohol across the country, if they expect further rapes to be prevented.

“Some women should think about whether it is


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