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“Do Not Prosecute Crimes Involving Refugees” German Police Officer Of 17 Years Faces Charges For Exposing Secret Government Directive To German Police Department

by Andrew Bieszad


In another explosive story proving the German government’s war against her own people, 17-year veteran officer Sven Kleuckling has been suspended without pay and will most likely be fired and face charges for exposing on Facebook a secret directive given to German police departments nationwide- that refugees are not to be prosecuted for anycrime. 

Naming the local police commanders (Stahlknect, Haseoff, Bullerjahn) in his area, the German government has been scrambling to deny the claims made by Officer Kleuckling. Instead, the police is blaming his statements on “right-wing extremism.” From theMiddeldeutsch Zeitung (with thanks to Google Translate):

A policeman from the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld has been forced leave because of his statements in the social network Facebook. Meanwhile Posting on Monday night that had been prohibited “official business” him, the Police Department (PD) Ost Dessau confirmed Wednesday. Was against the official account of his Facebook postings, disciplinary proceedings have been initiated, so police spokesman Ralf Moritz.

The main reason is, according to the Authority a statement of the police officer in a posting from early January. At that time, Sven Kleuckling had written that there is an “official statement” in all police departments in the country and nationwide admit: “offenses by foreigners and refugees of theft, assault, robbery, etc. should not be punished.” “This assertion is false,” said police spokesman Moritz. Kleuckling was initially admonished, they responded among other insults.

Kleuckling is, according to Moritz still official, he receives remuneration despite suspension. In disciplinary proceedings will now be clarified whether he has infringed employment law provisions. What consequences could have the – reduction of salary or even dismissal – was open. The Home Office also disagreed with the assertion that refugees crimes would go unpunished. The disciplinary procedure is for the police department. Self did not before 


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