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Bet El terrorist identified as PA police officer

Amjad Sukri posted Facebook status hinting at his murderous intentions just hours before Sunday morning attack.

By Ari Soffer


The terrorist who injured three people in a shooting attack between Bet El and Ramallah in Samaria has been identified as a Palestinian Authority police officer.

Amjad Abu-Omar, 34, also served in the past as a personal bodyguard for the PA’s Attorney General. He was a resident of Kfar Jama’in, near Shechem in Samaria, several miles north of the site of his attack.

It has also been revealed that Abu-Omar posted several messages inciting terrorism on his Facebook page, including a post not long before this morning’s attack in which he appeared to hint at his murderous intentions.

In a status posted this morning, he wrote: “On this earth there are things worth living for. But regrettably I don’t see anything worth living for as long as the occupation chokes our souls and kills our brothers and sisters. God have mercy on our martyrs and heal the injured.”

Hours before the attack, he also wrote: “Good morning, I will become a shahid (martyr) and join Allah and


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