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Inside the Neo-Nazi ‘firm’: Swedish football hooligans tell how they teamed up to launch vicious attack on Stockholm migrants

  • Men from football ‘firm’ DFG joined with others from rival AIK in attacks 
  • Groups had been planning rampage for a ‘long time’, a member revealed
  • Up to 50 masked men stormed Stockholm’s station and targeted migrants 
  • Swedish police battling to control football ‘firms’, which attract criminals

A Swedish football hooligan has revealed how gangs including a ‘Neo-Nazi firm’ joined together to launch Friday’s vicious attack on migrants.

Up to 50 black-clad masked men stormed Stockholm’s main train station around 9pm and targeted unaccompanied children who did not look ethnically ‘Swedish’.

They handed out leaflets with the slogan ‘enough now’ emblazoned across them and incited people to attack the migrants before beating several ‘foreign’ people and fleeing.


A member of one of the city’s football ‘firms’ has now admitted to MailOnline that his group, DFG, was responsible for the attack.

He revealed a handful of men from the club teamed up with others from their usual rivals AIK, as well as being joined by several Polish hooligans.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said: ‘This is something that we have talked about for a long time.

‘We feel the police are not doing their job. Our wives, girlfriends and daughters cannot feel safe in the centre parts of Stockholm during the night.

‘We feel that this is shameful for a country like Sweden and wanted to make a statement that it is not OK.’

Members from DFG – or Djurgårdens IF – and AIK are typically rivals and have only joined together once before, the man, who was not part of the attacks, also revealed.


They usually clash with each other in relation to sporting events and last fought each other in a bloody six-minute battle following a hockey game just 17 days before Friday’s attacks.

The man added: ‘The only time that we have seen something like this [Friday night] was in the Euros in 1992, when they [the firms] teamed up to fight English hooligans under the banner “defend Stockholm”.’

Friday night’s surprise attacks shocked



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