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Major Xtian persecution Is happening In English muslim ‘NO-GO ZONES’…stabbings, rock attacks, arson, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg


By Theodore Shoebat

Major persecution in England and in the UK, with Christians living in the Islamic “no-go” zones facing all sorts of attacks by Muslims. The Muslims throw stones at their cars, attack them with knives and fire, and say all sorts of abuses at them. As we read fromone report:

As the UK government prepares to record religious hate crimes against Muslims separately due to a massive rise in recorded incidents, some human rights activists are arguing that the government is missing a major phenomenon, possibly due to political correctness. What phenomenon? Religious hate crimes committed by Muslims, especially against those who have converted from Islam, or non-Muslims who are from predominantly Islamic ethnicities. On occasion, this phenomenon has appeared in passing in the national media consciousness and then faded out again. However, these activists say that for many, particularly Christians who are a minority in their own ethnicities, their experience of religious hate in the UK is a pretty continuous one, in some cases approaching the level of persecution in their ‘mother’ countries. It does not solely affect people who have moved to this country either, in some cases, it affects people born and brought up in the UK.

One such case is that of the Hussain family. Living life in Bradford, they have faced around 15 years of persecution because they are a Christian convert family. Persecution in the UK in the 21st century is what their children have known their entire lives including: assaults; stones thrown through car and living room windows; intimidation; false accusations to get the father arrested (the most recent being in March 2015); multiple vehicles destroyed; being forced to move house after an arson attack; and currently ongoing persecution stemming from one particularly influential Muslim family on their street. The family is of Pakistani heritage, and the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) was recently asked to take up their case. A BPCA reearcher, who wishes to remain anonymous, said:

“I had already been aware of the family from previous reports in the media, but when I started talking to them and reading the very articulate blog one of the daughters has set up in the last year that documents their experiences, I was appalled. The media did not tell the half of it. Her life might as well have been lived out in Pakistan, because what that family has endured matches reports from Pakistan – the continuous harassment, violence, the siding of the police – UK police, I stress – with the extremists persecuting them, telling the family that they ‘brought this on themselves’ – it is utterly appalling and it needs to be exposed. If I had been given this report with all locations removed, I would have said these events had to have been in Pakistan or a Muslim country.”

However, he went on to say that while he was appalled, he was not that surprised. “I have seen similar cases before in other cities in the UK, and not even involving converts from Islam, but Pakistanis from Christian families who have been Christian for many generations. We don’t know how common these more extreme examples are, but we know these incidents are far from isolated. Many Pakistani Christians have to run a double gauntlet. They have to endure their children on the school bus being verbally abused as Christian “infidels” by Muslim schoolmates, and then also being told by whites to “go home you Muslims” also said with added racial slurs. In one case in Birmingham a Pakistani Christian family who gained asylum after fleeing Pakistan faced the same kind of physical violence and tactics here as they had in Pakistan. This happened within a couple of weeks of moving out of the asylum system and into council accommodation. The council had to re-house them. These were not converts, yet as soon as the nearby mosque found out they weren’t Muslims, the attacks started, including false accusations of desecration of the mosque, knife attacks and violence at their front door. I have been to stay with the family several times in their new home, and whilst I can’t go into details, I can tell you I have seen for myself a little of the appalling abuse they are being subjected to online.”

He went on to detail how on one of his visits to Birmingham, both white and Asian Christians detailed no go areas where it was not safe for non-Muslims to go or even park. “There was a particular climate of fear amongst Asian Christians. One comment that sticks in my memory was made by a local Asian Christian leader: ‘We know what they will do next. They will go for our children’. They were making preparations against attempts to convert their children to Islam by whatever means.”

BPCA chairman Wilson Chowdhry said: “One blog post by the daughter which was so moving was a simple one telling of her delight and relief because the family got away to London to have one week free of persecution. Unfortunately, their story matches many others out there. There are many converts to Christianity who live underground, in fear. There is a reason that other Christian organisations have set up a series of safe-houses in the UK. We understand that in at least some cases, converts have had to not only change address and name, but even their National Insurance numbers, so great is the threat they live under. A very significant number of the so-called ‘honour killings’ in this country involve victims who have converted from Islam to Christianity. This whole area is far from a British problem as there are reports of similar issues across Western Europe – France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and more. All too often the


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