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Media REFUSES To Report On Muslim Gang Rapes Happening Across Europe



Perhaps we need to first focus our attention on the American press and their reluctance to accurately report the news when it comes to the issue of immigration and the Muslim connection right here at home.

This Administration’s embrace of Islam and its reluctance to actually reference the violence around the world as “radical Islamic terrorism” and then perhaps we might get a better understanding as why the atrocities being committed abroad, are being ignored.

 Obviously Ideology is a big part of the equation, and although Europe is currently under siege little if any reporting on an international scale is being done on the multitude of gang rapes being committed by Muslim immigrants, and the question is why?

Our influence abroad and Obama’s efforts in spearheading a “one world order” philosophy and his claim that “CLIMATE CHANGE” rather then Islamic terrorism is our true enemy, of which a vast majority of European leaders have bought into, is perhaps the real reason for covering-up or not reporting the violent assaults throughout Europe.

However reports are springing up all over, in Sweden, a mother of two was allegedly gang raped by as many as twelve Middle Eastern immigrants in a brutal attack that lasted several hours.

In the United Kingdom, the multiple cases


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