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Palestinian tsunami: Israel facing isolation from France to Brazil

Sweden is labeling products, France is threatening to recognize a Palestinian state and Brazil refuses to accept the appointment of Danny Dayan as Ambassador. In the background of the wave of terror and the freeze in peace negotiations, more and more countries are attacking Israel.


The new French Initiative that threatens to recognize a Palestinian state unilaterally joins a series of other public conflicts between Israel and other countries. While some might blame the Palestinian political tsunami, others point to the absence of a full time foreign minister alongside the lack of an Israeli initiative to solve the conflict with the Palestinians.

Already at the end of 2014, France initiated a UN resolution that would establish a date for finishing negotiations in order to reach a framework agreement with the Palestinians. Israel rejected the initiative and asked for help in foiling the resolution through a veto and the effort succeeded at least temporarily. At the same time, the French Parliament approved a non-binding bill to recognize Palestine. Last October, when the wave of terror began, France even suggested placing international forces on the Temple Mount in order to calm things down, a suggestion that resulted in greatly upsetting Israel. The French Ambassador was summoned in for a discussion.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom has made a series of pro-Palestinian moves since coming into office and she declared recently that it should be investigated whether Israel executes Palestinians in reference to incidents where terrorists are eliminated on site either before or after implementing terror attacks. Earlier, Sweden recognized Palestine, which was one of the greatest achievements of the Palestinian political tsunami.

The diplomatic problems between Israel and Turkey continue despite optimistic reports about a compromise on the Mavi Marmara issue. Ankara announced that there is still no agreement that will permit normalization with Israel while Israel hopes that a deal will be approved as a gas deal approaches. However, it was reported that representatives from Israel and Turkey will meet soon.

Israel is also facing a deepening crisis with Brazil due to the efforts of the BDS Movement. The Brazilian authorities are refusing to approve the appointment of Danny Dayan to be an ambassador because he lives over the green line. Dayan refuses to give up on his appointment to the position. Netanyahu decided that Israel won’t present another candidate.

Other countries are also having a public dispute with Israel. Greece has decided to recognize a Palestinian state and to label settlement products in accordance with the EU guidelines. Greece is not alone. Germany


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