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Police Order Muslim To Remove Face Veil But She REFUSES, Then All HELL Breaks Loose 14k


A Muslim woman is behind bars for attacking police officers after refusing to remove her ‘niqab’-  a cloth face covering that forms part of the hijab worn by Muslim women.

After being told to remove the face veil by police, the Muslim named Stephanie Djato refused. Not only did she refuse, but she resisted arrest and was eventually taken to a police station, Breitbart reports. On the way there she continued to put up resistance, and head-butted one of the female police officers.

Once she arrived at the police station she continued acting aggressively, and as the situation deteriorated further still two women police officers were injured and Djato was taken to hospital. Such a violent jihad.

The Muslim was sentenced to 18 months in prison and has to pay compensation to the officers that she attacked.

The incident took place in Belgium – who have a law that effectively bans the niqab and was passed by Parliament in late April 2010. In fact it bans “attire and clothing masking the face in such a way that it impairs them to be recognizable”. The penalty breaching the law is rather less serious than the sentence handed out to Ms. Djato for her violent reaction.

The law exists explicitly for security reasons and makes no direct reference to the niqab. Nevertheless it prompted anger from the Islamist community in Belgium and beyond, especially following Djato’s arrest.

Shariah4Belgium, a Mulsim fundamentalist group that has since been banned, called for protests in her support which then descended


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