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US: Britain cracked Israeli drone code


The White House has said in response to reports that American and British intelligence had cracked the encrypted codes of Israeli drones for at least 18 years, that the United States does not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest also noted that the US commitment to Israel’s security remained “sacrosanct.”

Britain’s foreign office declined to comment on the report, based on documents leaked by US National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, saying it does not comment on intelligence matters.

Earlier on Friday Israel’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz claimed Friday that he was not surprised by the exposé, because Israel is aware that “the Americans spy on the whole world, and also on us, also on their friends.”

“But still,” added Steinitz, a close confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “it is disappointing, inter alia because, going back decades already, we have not spied nor collected intelligence nor hacked


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