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BRITS ARE PISSED: All Hell Is Breaking Out And Muslim Migrants Are on the Receiving End (IMAGES)


Funny how the liberal media calls these patriots facist for supporting their country!

via DailyMail: One is a blood-soaked tattooed skinhead with ‘EDL’ inked onto his scalp; the other is a steely faced blonde wearing vintage knitwear.

These are the different faces of Britain’s fascists patriots – pictured at a violent anti-immigration rally where thugs daubed swastikas on coaches with their blood.

The young woman – one of very few females at the protest in Dover – wore a sticker on her face reading ‘FCK ISIS’ and ‘South Easy Alliance’, a group which describes itself as an ‘angry, white and proud’ street movement.

She stood in stark contrast to the angry middle-aged man, who was pictured bellowing at anti-fascist protesters with blood dripping from his face.

Nine people have been arrested and more than 20 weapons seized, including a lock-knife, knuckle duster, pieces of wood, glass, hammers and bricks.

The city has been the scene of an ongoing standoff between anti-fascists and right-wing groups led by a resurgent National Front.

Prior to the protests in Dover’s Market


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