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Finnish TV has the solution to ‘rape-fugee’ crisis…be prepared to have your mind blown?

Funny? Sad? Alarming? Finland’s public broadcasting channel’s video on how to defend against rape shows a disconnect from reality.

By Gil Ronen

In the aftermath of the mass groping and raping of European women by Muslim infiltrators on New Year’s Eve, a channel that belongs to Finland’s national public broadcasting company has put out a video purportedly educating women on how to defend themselves.

However, for viewers who are still in touch with the real world, the video only serves as further evidence that mainstream European media apparently is not.

Disseminated on Facebook by TV news Yle / TV1 Northern Finland, the video can be viewed by clicking on the picture below.


The video shows three ways to protect oneself from attack: tell the attacker to stop, push him away and swing your bag at him.

Shortly after being uploaded



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