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Have You Ever Wondered Why There Is A Hole In The Cap Of The Pen? You Will Be Surprised


We all carry pens in our pockets, purse, suitcase, etc. – just in case, right? But, have you ever noticed that almost every pen you owned has a hole on its cap? If yes, then, let me ask you a question – have you ever wondered why there is a hole in the cap of the pen? Well, we can answer that for you and the answer is quite simple.

The major leader in production of pens, lighters, shavers, sailboards, etc – the BIC Company, has actually invented this brilliant solution since 1991. We all have this terrible habit – we all bite the pens while we are having exams at school or in college, and when we are trying to focus and to find the solution, or to solve some math problem. It’s a terrible habit, I know, because I used to do this anytime I had math exam at school. So, you should also know that little kids are also biting the pens, but, they also swallow different things as well.

Do you know how many kids and adults are swallowing the caps of pens in a year?

The lead experts in the BIC Company thought about this


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