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”It is every Swedish man’s duty to defend public areas against [muslim] imported crime” says vigilante group


Prior to Friday’s brawl near the main railway station in Stockholm, flyers were distributed, with the message that the Swedish police and the Swedish politicians show too much sympathy for the country’s immigrants, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Postenreports.

A large police operation took place Friday evening in central Stockholm, where up to 100 black-clad, masked men were behind an apparently coordinated attack on people with foreign backgrounds.

The brawl at Sergel Square took place approximately at 20:30, when masked men, assumed to be football hooligans, attacked Moroccan street gangs who are accused of crimes in central Stockholm.

“Their (the suspected men) goal was to bring people together to expose unaccompanied refugee children to violence,” says communications officer Towe Hägg from the Stockholm police, to Aftonbladet.

Swedish media has also published a video showing several black-clad men in clashes with police and security guards in the square.

The distributed fliers had a message that both politicians and police have lost their grip on the country’s immigrants and give them too much sympathy. The senders therefore believe that it is their duty to intervene:

“When the Swedish streets are no longer safe for average Swedes, it is our DUTY to solve the problem.”

“The police has clearly shown that it lacks the means to stop their momentum, and now we see no alternative than to hand out the punishment they deserve ourselves.”

The flyer further said that 200 Swedes on Friday would gather to ‘make a stand against the North African “street children”, which hangs by the capital’s main train station.”

“It is every Swedish man’s duty to defend public


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