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Remove Tartar, Clean Plaque, and Destroy the Bacteria in the Mouth with Just One Ingredient

You possibly have this ingredient at home which can improve your health and whiten your teeth. Probably you have no clue what it is so we’ll discover that this is something about oil.

It’s about unrefined eatable oil, particularly coconut oil and it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t like the taste, you are not going to eat it.

Rather that eating it, take two teaspoons and place them in your mouth and shake the oil in your mouth same as you shake water when brushing your teeth, hold for 5 minutes, then spit it out. It may become uncomfortable, but that is the point.


This is a method that is used as part of Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. This technique can heal bad breath, gingivitis, skin inflammation, acne and much more.

Oil draws microbes and bacteria through the pores out of your mouth and your whole body. This is not supported by science. Indeed, oil, honey and different cures just soothe the skin to eliminate sores.

However, in any case, the science shows



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