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Two ‘sick’ Gaza terrorists get free pass into Israel

Hamas members let in on forged medical papers, get ambulance ride to Jerusalem hospital – before disappearing the next day.

By Ido Ben-Porat


Israeli security forces arrested two Arab terrorists from Gaza who infiltrated into sovereign Israeli territory, claiming that they were “sick.”

The two, 30-year-old Mahmoud Matuk of Hamas and 51-year-old Ayoub Matuk, both hail from Jabalia, and got into Israel on forged medical documents issued in Gaza.

In early December the two were let in after presenting medical documents claiming that Mahmoud’s biological systems were collapsing and he needed to be hospitalized immediately at Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem. Due to the medical condition described in the documents he was even transported in an ambulance.

But just the next day, it became clear that the two had left the hospital and arrived on their own and in perfect physical condition in Umm al-Fahm, an Arab Israeli city in the north.

The two were arrested, and under Israeli Security Agency (ISA) questioning they admitted to forging the medical documents with the help of Hassin Matuk, a family member who was in contact with a doctor in Gaza who signed the faked forms.

They also admitted that they paid 7,000 shekels for the documents, in which it was written that Mahmoud’s legs were paralyzed and that he needed to be transported in an ambulance


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