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Early Symptoms of Liver Damage that Everybody Ignores


Did you know that the liver is the biggest solid organ in our bodies and that it is charged for various functions? Some of the most important functions of the liver are:

  • Maintaining our blood clean
  • It produces bile, which is crucial for digestion
  • It accumulates glycogen, a form of sugar that creates energy

So, this means that your liver is vital organ in our body, and if some problem occurs, your health could be in serious risk. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which our liver could be damaged, but many people are not aware that they have problem with their liver-until it is too late. This can lead to many disorders in our health.

Taking care of your liver and knowing the warning symptoms that point to an issue that is developing is very important. You don’t recognize the signs of liver damage? Now you can read about few telltale signs that you should never ignore.

Your Skin is Yellowed

One of the first symptoms of liver damage is discoloration of your skin. If your liver is not strong enough or it is damaged, it will not be able to process the toxins that you are consuming with the food. This will lead to Bilirubin accumulation, which could make your skin yellowed.

Bilirubin is a sort of bile pigment. Bile is released by the liver and it helps in the digestion. Damaged liver is unable to eliminate the bilirubin, which goes straight into your blood. This causes your skin to become yellowed. The yellowing firstly occurs on the fingernails and on the top of your fingers and toes, as well as your eyes.

Changes in Stools and Urine

It may not be something that happens regularly, but you should visit a doctor and analyze your urine and stool. If the doctor finds out some changes in the color or composition, you could have some liver problems. In case you notice that your urine is foamy and has dark color, or your stool is rare and pale, you should visit your doctor as fast as you can.

You’re Bloated

In case your stomach is bloating unexpectedly, it could be a sign that you have a problem with your liver. A damaged liver withholds fluid, which makes your


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